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Online meditation retreat based on Düdjom Lingpa’s classic Dzogchen text The Enlightened View of Samantabhadra Part 1, sponsored by Centro de Estudos Budistas Bodisatva, Brazil

All-day event
Location: Online Retreat

Registration and additional information Revealed in a visionary experience when Düdjom Lingpa was twenty-seven, the Enlightened View of Samantabhadra is a visionary teaching manifesting as an extended dialogue between a retinue of bodhisattvas and Samantabhadra appearing as the Lake-Born Vajra. His answers to pointed questions concerning the crucial aspects of Dzogchen practice from disciples who are […]

The Wisdom of Atisha and Knowing Our Own Minds – A Virtual Retreat, sponsored by Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies

All-day event
Location: from Miyo Samten Ling in Crestone, Colorado

This retreat will begin with oral commentaries on Alan Wallace’s two freshly translated dialogues between Atisha and his principal disciple Drom Tönpa, entitled, “Cutting the Root of Suffering and Equalizing Excitation and Laxity” and “Blaming Everything on a Single Culprit.” These two exchanges go right to the heart of meditation, while at the same time […]

Webinar with Alan Wallace – Stilling the Mind to Fathom its Depth

Time: 12:00 am
Location: Online

Join this online event with B. Alan Wallace sponsored by East West Bookshop on Wednesday, September 1 at 5:30-7:00pm (PDT) The origins and nature of the mind, as well as what happens at death remain mysteries to modern science, as does the mind-body problem. Like every other natural phenomenon, if you wish to understand the […]

Online meditation retreat based on Dudjom Rinpoche’s text, The Illumination of Primordial Wisdom

Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Online

In his instruction manual entitled The Illumination of Primordial Consciousness H. H. Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, presents concise, complete guidance on practices of śamatha and vipaśyanā within the context of the view, meditation, and conduct of the Great Perfection. During this six-day retreat, Lama Alan Wallace will offer an oral transmission and commentary on […]

The Science of Mind: A Practical Inquiry Into the Nature of Mind Through Traditional Buddhist Meditation

All-day event
Location: Online Retreat from Shambhala Mountain Center

Like all other branches of science, the science of mind must be primarily based on the rigorous observation of natural phenomena. Much as astronomers rely on the telescope, so do contemplatives rely on the power of samadhi to explore the nature and potentials of the mind. During this retreat, we will develop shamatha (“serene presence of mind”) drawn from […]

Online meditation retreat on “Buddhist Psychological Insights into the Inner Causes of Distress and Well-being”

Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Online

Sponsored by Shambhala Mountain Center Information: