Like all other branches of science, the science of mind must be primarily based on the rigorous observation of natural phenomena. Much as astronomers rely on the telescope, so do contemplatives rely on the power of samadhi to explore the nature and potentials of the mind.
During this retreat, we will develop shamatha (“serene presence of mind”) drawn from multiple traditions of Buddhism to develop an inner sense of ease, stillness, and clarity of attention. These are the indispensable foundation for vipashyana (“insight meditation”) and all other meditative practices. While satisfaction can never be found outside in such things as wealth, status, and power, this inner meditative discipline is a direct route to genuine well-being.
  • Each day will consist of four hours of Teaching & Meditation, (two, 2 hour sessions) these will not be live.
  • Lama Alan will be with us LIVE for three Q & A Session during the retreat. These will be recorded if you cannot be on the call.
  • The Zoom calls will be at noon, PST on:
    Tuesday November 16th
    Thursday November 18th
    Friday November 19th
  • Questions will be requested ahead of time so attendance is not necessary to submit your question.
  • Additional information and registration can be found here