Revealed in a visionary experience when Düdjom Lingpa was twenty-seven, the Enlightened View of Samantabhadra is a visionary teaching manifesting as an extended dialogue between a retinue of bodhisattvas and Samantabhadra appearing as the Lake-Born Vajra. His answers to pointed questions concerning the crucial aspects of Dzogchen practice from disciples who are inseparable from his own nature, such as Vajra of Pristine Awareness, go far beyond a simple, normative account of the path to enlightenment.
This virtual retreat will be Part I of a multi-retreat series of these transformative teachings that describe the complete path to enlightenment. The frank explanations of profound subjects and crisp definitions of unique Dzogchen terms dispel mistaken notions and deepen confidence in this pinnacle of the Dharma.
The retreat will be in English with a Portuguese translator.
There will be two sessions daily of lectures and guided meditations followed by a Q&A/discussion period.
There will be three daily sessions with Lama Alan Wallace
(All times are in Eastern Brazilian Time (UTC-3))
Sessions will be recorded for convenient viewing wherever you are.
1 to 3 PM | teachings
5 to 7 PM | teachings
8 to 9 PM | questions to the Lama
On the last day, 12th (Tuesday), there will be only one session:
1 to 3 PM | teachings

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