Media Interviews

    • “Um equilíbrio plenamente atento,” by Miguel Berredo, in the journal Bodisatva, March 19, 2013: Interview
    • “Unwavering Samadhi: Meditative Achievement and Its Impact in the World” interviewed for Podcast “Buddhist Geeks, March 17, 2008: Interview
    • “A Mindful Balance: Interview with B. Alan Wallace.” In Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Spring, 2008: 60-63, 109-111
    • Interviewed for “The Tibet Connection: The English-Language Radio News Magazine About Tibet,” July 27, 2007
    • “Buddhismus im Labortest.” Interview published in “Die Zeit,” March 15, 2007, Nr. 12: Interview pdf:
    • “On Contemplative Science,” interviewed for Podcast “Buddhist Geeks:” 
    • “On Achieving Shamatha,” interviewed for Podcast “Buddhist Geeks: 
    • Interviewed for “The Skeptics Corner:” 
    • “Happiness—A Science of the Mind.” Interviewed by Paula Gordon and Bill Russell, “The Paula Gordon Show: Conversations with People at the Leading Edge,” November 26, 2006:. See also “Be Happy, Start a Revolution,” by Paula Gordon. In The Huffington Post, Nov. 29, 2006: 
    • Interviewed with MIT neuroscientist Christopher Moore on “The Leonard Lopate Show,” New York Public Radio, April 28, 2006: 
    • “Mindfulness: The Heart of Buddhist Meditation? A Conversation with Jan Chozen Bays,
    • Joseph Goldstein, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Alan Wallace.” For Inquiring Mind: A Semiannual Journal of the Vipassana Community, Vol. 22, No. 2, Spring 2006: 4-7, 28-29
    • Interviewed by Rob M. Hogendoorn at Columbia University, February 26, 2006: 
    • “Interview with Alan Wallace” by Sarah Lionheart. In Yoga & Health, February 2005: 9- 10: 
    • “Altruism: What Science Can Learn from Buddhism.” For Science & Theology News, December 2004: 11
    • “Scientific Mind, Buddhist Mind.” For Inquiring Mind: A Semiannual Journal of the Vipassana Community, Vol. 20, No. 2, Spring 2004: 22-25
  • “Tibetan Buddhism in the West: Is It Working?” For Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, Summer 2001: 54-63