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Yangtang Rinpoche’s “A Summary of the The View, Meditation and Conduct”: One day workshop with B. Alan Wallace recorded by Meridian Trust, United Kingdom. August 2017

Four Application of Mindfulness with Alan Walalce in Alicante, Spain.
The retreat is translated in Spanish.
March 24-30,2017

The Nature of Reality: A Dialogue Between a Buddhist Scholar and a Theoretical Physicist

Featuring Alan Wallace and Sean Carroll, and mediated by theoretical physicist Marcelo Gleiser

2016 Spring 8-Week Retreat on Shamatha, Vipashyana, and Mahamudra

“My Buddhist Journey” on Burgs ‘Energy Fields and Modern Technology’ – Part 2 – Interview by Iain McNay

“Buddhist & Christian Meditation,” Friday, March 13, 2009, B. Alan Wallace at Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento.

“A Buddhist View of Mental Resilience” in a panel dialogue on “Mental Resilience in Times of Crisis,” chaired by Prof. Kua Ee Heok, National University of Singapore, Dec. 10, 2008:
NUS Three Part Talk